Really, it's just a sokoban game.

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Made withPuzzleScript
TagsExperimental, Pixel Art, Romance, Short
Average sessionA few minutes

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Some of these levels are really interesting (I recognised at least one from good ol' David Skinner, doyen of conceptually hard sokoban levels!). The one that required you to seal yourself in — but in which room! — was particularly fiendish.

I do think the deliberately tedious levels could all do with being about 30% less tedious. And I thought it was strange that the 'terrible mistake' level, or rather the level before that dialogue screen, let you complete the level by pushing the green box alone. I'm not sure to what extent puzzlescript allows branching paths, but that would have been a neat device, where accomplishing the difficult solution vs the easy one could lead to a different ending.

I think it's possible if you use PuzzleScript+. There is a tool to replicate that.

It's called "Goto level". Try the "Goto" exemple.
PuzzleScript+ (