Exactly 7

A puzzle game with no instructions.

You can press Esc to go back to the "Select World" screen.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
TagsExperimental, Exploration, Minimalist
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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I think it would be nice if I could drag the mouse to toggle several squares in a line.

my finger hurts and im only on level 7 nooooo


Very nice game. That last level took me more than an hour, I think.


omg that was insane.  But a whole lot of fun!  (I did find a few of the levels, 6-6 in particular, 7-7 to some extent, I think maybe another one in the sixes, to be incredibly hard simply because it took a lot of experimentation to even score a single point.  I can imagine putting in a "hint" button that would generate a random one-point-scoring configuration, just to have a starting point.  Then again, I got through it without, so, you know, maybe not! :-) )

Is it possible to add a save feature using localStorage, and maybe a level select screen? If I quit or even accidentally refresh the page, all progress is lost.

fun! clever ideas that were fun to discover in all the levels.

I enjoyed! good game.

Cool game concept!

好像你的网站页面那个 (

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where is next level? if start with score great than target?

you can click the selected squares to deselect.

You have to reach exatly 7 to go on


Interesting 🤔