How to create a game:

Put a bunch of photos in the same folder and load them into this app (currently only support jpg/jpeg image files). Follow the instructions to customize your game. The photos should be hand-picked by you, and the game is intended to be an emotional experience for your partner. Before presenting the game to your partner, You should try out the game a few times secretly by yourself, adjusting photos library and customization settings if necessary. Of course, you can also casually build the photo library and play it by yourself, or with your friends together.

How to play:

Hover your mouse on the thumbnails (click on the thumbnails if you are using a mobile device) to view the photos. Try to deduce the chronological order of these photos. Pay attention to the background, characters, objects, text, etc. Don't miss any small detail. Click the blue buttons to mark the order of the photos.

How it works:

After selecting your photo files, your browser will use EXIF information of each photo to determine the date when the photo was taken (DateTimeOriginal to be exact). All of these will be done locally on your device.

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